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Build your profile above 70% to be able to apply for jobs and to be visible in "Resume Search".




Individual - FAQ

  1. Do I need to be a Jobtact member to apply for jobs? Yes, you need to sign up as a Jobtact member to apply for jobs.
  2. How do I sign up? Surf www.jobtact.com and enter your details at the Sign Up panel. Got a Facebook? Even easier, you can sign up by just connecting your Facebook account to Jobtact.
  3. How do I apply for a job? You can read the details of a job advertisement by clicking in the job search results, or you can refer company search results and etc.
    Interested in a job you see? Just click on the advertisement or perform a manual search by company name or job specification.
  4. How do I keep track of my job application? To view the jobs that you had previously applied, go to Dash Board > Application History section.
  5. How do I know if I have been shortlisted? We will notify you if you have been shortlisted for an interview. Please keep an eye on your Dash Board and check your email.
  6. Are there any charges incur for registration, job application or any other activities in Jobtact? There are no charges for a normal job seekers' account in Jobtact. All our services are FREE unless stated charges incurred.
  7. Can a Fresh Graduate sign up an account or apply for a job? Definitely! We welcome any one to be a member of Jobtact.
  8. Why should I choose Jobtact? Jobtact is a social recruiting pltform that leverages the power of Malaysian favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter etc to exclusively bridge employers and job seekers. with over 65 talent communities and 10,000 jobs available, you're now easier to get noticed by employers and let your talent shine.
  9. How can Jobtact help jobseekers find employment? It's simple! Sign up an account with us, complete your profile up tp 70%, build your dynamic career page and let your talent shine. In Jobtact, we believe not only job seekers look for job but let jobs find you.

Technical Issue

  1. How do I change my profile photo? To change your profile photo, follow the steps below:
    • Click the downward pointing arrow next to your profile photo at the upper right of the screen
    • Click Edit Profile Pic.
    • Click the "choose file" button
    • Click the "upload button" and you're done.
  2. How do I change information in my profile? To add, remove or change information in your profile, follow the steps below:
    • To add, remove or change information in your profile, follow the steps below:
    • Click on "Edit Company Info"
    • Click on the section you wish to edit
    • Make your changes and click the "Save" button
  3. How do I deactivate/delete my Jobtact Account? To deactivate your Jobtact account, follow the steps below:
    • Send an email to "[email protected]"
    • Subject of the email "Deactivate my Jobtact Account"
    • Reason to deactivate your Jobtact account.
  4. *** Please note that once you have deleted your Jobtact account, you are unable to access into your account.
  5. To uninstall Jobtact from your Facebook Account, follow the steps below:
    • Jobtact apps are listed in the "My Apps" page of the App Center. Remove an app by hovering over its name or icon and clicking the X that appears on the right.
    You can also remove an app from your Settings. To do this:
    • Click at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Account Settings
    • From the menu in the left column, select Apps
    • Click the X on the right of any app you'd like to remove
    • Once you confirm you'd like to remove the app, it should no longer be able to post to your timeline. Past stories from the app may still be on your timeline.
  6. How do I delete a post? To delete a post, please follow the steps below:
    • Hover the mouse over the post to display the options box at the right
    • Select "Delete Post"
  7. What if I forget my username and/or password? On the Sign In page, click "Forgot My Username or Password" link to have your login information sent to your registered email address.


  1. Why I can't see any matching jobs after signed up?
    • Please check whether you have filled in enough skills and completed your preferences section.
    • Make sure you have more options in terms of your preferred job type, level, location, field and industry.
  2. Can I hide my personal information from public view? Yes you can! But please take note that employers will not be able to search for your resume unless you apply for the jobs they have advertised.
  3. Who can see my profile? Recruiters and Hiring Managers can view your profile. Other users that are not within your connections will not able to view any of your profile but only Name & Photo are visible.
  4. Can I limit the people or group to see my posts and comments? You can choose the people or group for they can see your post and comments. Please follow the steps as below for those you wish to share:
    • Click the downward pointing arrow next to your profile photo at the upper right of the screen
    • Select "Privacy Settings"
    • Click "Submit Changes" after setting done.